Ciao, welcome to OPSD Shop!

I'm Sonia, owner of OPSD Shop, author and photographer of the Italian food blog

I live in a small town in Italy with my husband and our little girl. I run my own food blog and work as freelance photographer, recipe developer and visual content creator collaborating with companies, advertising agencies and magazines.

I am always in search of new projects to share and develop both online and offline and Briciole eBook is just one of these. But, what is it about?

Briciole is my new project dedicated to beautiful images and delicious Italian recipes, entirely in English. It is born out of my desire to share my passion for food and for photography with all of you and I hope you can enjoy the recipes I’ll propose you from time to time.

I realized this eBook with special care and love preferring quick and easy recipes right for the everyday cooking, just the same I prepare for my family and my friends. I really hope that they can become your fortes and that you will love the eBook as much as I do! There is enough for all tastes. So, what are you waiting for?

Find out more about Briciole eBook. Let’s sit down and… buon appetito!