A new quarterly publication - entirely in English - to the discovery of the Italian taste!

All the issues are easy-to-use PDFs that work on computers, tablets and mobile devices iOS or Android

From the author of OPSD food blog comes Briciole eBook series: a new quarterly publication, entirely in English, dedicated to the dishes of the Italian tradition.

An exclusive eBook collection featuring traditional Italian recipes.

The eBook will be realized in 4 issues plus 1 Special Edition.

Each of them, in addition to the recipes, will contain also basic info for beginners, quick tips, peculiarities, step by step tutorials and stunning food photographs.

There is enough for all tastes!

Discover easy and versatile Italian recipes. Surprise your family with the Italian cuisine!

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  • Briciole eBook Special Edition | Issue 0/2017


    €6.00 €12.00

  • Briciole eBook Series | Bundle Plan


    €25.00 €60.00


I’m very excited about this publication! This eBook is a feast for the eyes with stunning food photography sure to make everyone’s mouth water! As a vegan I truly appreciate the flexibility of the recipes – most of them can easily be made as a vegan version.

Tiina Strandberg |

What makes Italian food so great is its simplicity! With stunning photography and step-by-step tutorials, Briciole gives you real and honest Italian food that is not only delicious but easy to make.

Darina Kopcok |


Make yummy and delicious Italian dishes at home!

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